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Know N Share
"I am not a teacher, but an awakener" - Robert Frost

We are not a training institute, but a small group of young graduates, trying to help students and make them realize their own potential.


The spoon feeding situation has been going on for a long time between the students and training institutes, where they buy projects and submit. We want to put a stop to that and help students realize the importance of doing projects on their own.


There are a lot of students who want to learn something new and fun, but they lack the proper guidance and support. That is where we come in, guide them through it and help them realize what is that they are learning.

What will you learn?

Well, as an initiative we are starting up things with some fun. We know there a lot of people who want to build a website of their own, atleast for the fun of showing that you have built your own website. It turns out building a website is after all not that hard, you just need a little push at the rite places. We will take care of pusing you, at the same time we will also see to that you dont get hurt.

Web is an ever changing technology, it is something that will stand up even when all other stuffs go down. Want to know why? It is simple, because web is not dependent on anything big, at the max all you will need is a proper browser and a text editor. And all the more you dont have to worry about compatibility (atleast not across platforms). To put in simple terms, web is simply awesome, you will be amazed with the things we can do with web.

Who can join?

Currently we are not open for public, we are visiting colleges one by one and in-turn only specific departments. But, if you are a person who wanna learn something different, and really interested in us, you can send us a message, we will consider it. And, unfortunately we are currently based out only on Hosur. But we will pretty soon expand to Bangalore and nearby cities and town. Give us a little time to expand.

Do we provide certificate?

Thats a big NO. As we said already, we are not a training institute. We merely provide you a platform to learn and share things. The main reason why no certificates is, coz we dont want people coming to us only for certificates. We only need those people who are really interested in learning something new, out of the box and have some fun. What about the people who are interested? well, you will have something more valuable than a certificate at the end. There is no value for certificate anymore, anybody can get one, if they had money.

Are we available online?

Well, at present we are not. But we will be available online pretty soon. Just stay tuned. You can send us a message in case you want updates on our progress. We are happy sharing things with you.

Is that all we do?

Know-N-Share is an initiative by us to help out students. Whats in it for us? We are freelancers, working on a lot of projects. We specialize in web application development. That does not mean thats the only thing we work on, technology has never been a barrier to us. We are starting up with mobile technologies as well. We will be registering our own company pretty soon. We will need more people working with us. Consider these sessions as an opportunity for working with us. Yes, if you perform well in our sessions, we might hire you.

And, if anyone needs our service, you can always drop in a message @ our contact form or write us directly - support@knownshare.in